The art of mindfulness and positive psychology on steroids.

Learn how to turn the worry centers off deep inside your brain in this week’s episode of Talking Trading with neuro wisdom expert Mark Waldman. Try these 60-second exercises to become more mindful, more self confident and have greater control over your emotional system.


Mark WaldmanMark Waldman

What changes in your brain when you do neuro wisdom exercises?


Mark Waldman is a leading expert on Neuro coaching. His book How God Changes Your Brain was a national bestseller in the USA and an Oprah pick for 2012.

In this interview we discuss exercises to TURN THE WORRY CENTRES OFF DEEP INSIDE YOUR BRAIN.

Mark has encapsulated 60-second neuro wisdom exercises to become more mindful, self-loving and more self-confident. With these exercises you can permanently keep your left optimistic brain positive and suppress the activity in your pessimistic right brain.

The strategies are simple.

  1. Yawn
  2. Stretch
  3. Preen
  4. Find your power word.

Finding out your deepest inner most value and repeating the word through out the day lowers stress levels. Harvard University research shows that if you repeat your power words you have turned on 1200 stress reducing genes in 8 weeks.

In doing these exercises you become more self-loving and more self-confident.

Try these guided exercises with Mark and let the results speak for themselves.

To find out more about Mark Waldman and his mindfulness programs go to:


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