Mentorees – Where are they now?

Mentorees – Where are they now?

Mentorees – Where are they now?

Life is a game of snakes and ladders – even more so when you’re a trader. In this episode of Talking Trading we hear from a bunch of past members of the Trading Game Mentor Program. You’ll hear from financial planner Tony Raikes on how to strategize your future, Mentoree Alex Dean shares how he overcame distractions in the market and Peter Hunt one of the first Mentorees in the Trading Game pilot program discusses his trading journey into self awareness.

Tony RaikesTony Raikes – Financial Planning

Tony Raikes has over 5 years working in the financial markets industry and been a CPA for over 20 years. He is a qualified and experienced financial planner as well as a graduate from the Trading Game Mentor Program.

In this episode he discusses different financial planning strategies to assist you in managing your financial affairs including:

  • the benefits to clients looking for professional advice,
  • the range of available investing instruments
  • the financial stages of a person’s life.

Hear about the industry from the inside and how it can help set you up for your future.

Alex DeanAlex Dean – Overcoming Distractions In the Market

Trading Game Mentoree Alex Dean quickly discovered trading wasn’t as easy as it looked to be from a distance…

Furthermore those pesky irksome things called distractions just kept getting in the way of his time in front of the charts and putting money in his pocket.

He since made a list to heave ho all the things that weren’t helping him towards his goals on a daily basis, including unsubscribing from emails, not talking about the markets with friends and putting together a to do list every day.

peter huntPeter Hunt – One of the original Mentorees

Peter Hunt was part of the Trading Game Mentor pilot program back in the year 2000.

For over 16 years he has watched industry, the Mentor Program and traders change and evolve. As a very active member on the forum we have watched him evolve in his trading career as well.

Hear about Peter’s trading journey and the wisdom he has accrued over 16 years.

Listen to why he says coming to grips with the 6 inches between his ears is the most important thing.

For more information on the Trading Game Mentor Program, click here.

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