Day trader and scalper Andrew Aziz

Scalper Andrew Aziz and his lessons on the markets.


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Be in the top 5% of traders and excel.

Gil Ben Hur on being Zen in the markets and key mental tools. Chris Tate on the nature of mania and The South Sea Bubble.


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Lunacy has hit the markets. Where do the opportunities lie?

Coronavirus has spread irrationality through the market. Hear Chris Tate’s wealth of experience on what to do in these mania type situations.


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Steven Goldstein’s trading stories and why most traders fail to change.

Savour Steven’s stories from 25 years experience on trading floors which highlight what you need to become a top-performing trader.


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Steven Goldstein’s lessons from 25 years experience on the trading floor.

Alpha Trading

Steven Goldstein traded for 25 years on banking floors and we had a fantastic discussion on the importance of self-development for a trader. Louise Bedford looks at how to reframe losses in the markets.


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