The most burning psychological issues traders faced in 2019.

What a fantastic year and to celebrate Louise and Chris look at the most burning and pressing issues in trader’s psyche during 2019.


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More on Linda Raschke's incredible trading life.

Linda’s first seven-digit profit day came from a short position on the SPs. Hear about her huge trend days, market losses and life in between.


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World renowned trader on Trading Sardines

Linda Raschke is one of the finest share traders in the world and one of the nicest people to interview. After closing her own hedge fund, she still trades the same systems she has used since 1992. I dare you to not fall in love with her.


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Want to trade a short-term system? Hear these spectacular results.

Con Bochrinis has generated massive returns from his 4-hourly system and Chris Tate looks at what diversification means for him.


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Remove the stumbling blocks to fuel your profits.

Move out of your comfort zone and fuel your profits in this episode.

Fear is the number one thing which keeps people out of the markets. Hear Jason McIntosh on how even professional traders feel fear and Louise Bedford asks which trading stumbling blocks apply to you. Chris Tate looks at how the world markets are performing.


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