Pyramid Your Wealth

Pyramid Your Wealth

Mentoree Jeni White on saddling up the horse and keeping on trading.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Now is time for a giant sea change.

As borders are reopening what has the pandemic made you question about your life and what gifts can it bring?

Is trading a part of your future? What will it provide?

Jeni White

Jeni talks about the huge role of persistence in the markets, and saddling up to keep on trading.

The time she felt as though Chris Tate was going to do surgery and disembowel her trading plan, which stocks have performed well for her and how pyramiding has been a GAME CHANGER for her trading results.

Jeni had no idea what a journey trading would be and the depth it would take her.

The best thing about trading? The team work and support with fellow experienced traders and what she has learned about herself along the way.

To find out more about the Trading Game Mentor Program with Louise Bedford and Chris Tate, click here.








Photo by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels

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