Estate Planning 102

Estate Planning 102

Legal Eagle Jacqui Brauman on estate planning for pre-nuptials, de-facto relationships and blended families and Louise Bedford on facing facts.

Mindpower Loss Aversion

Human instinct looks away when something is painful, just like a needle in the arm.

The same thing can happen to traders when they look at their portfolios, psychologists call it loss aversion.

If you look at the facts and face them head on, there are strategies available to trade your way out of any decline.

Jacqui Brauman

Although life is going well your loved ones might suffer heartache if you don’t plan ahead.

A thorough estate plan means you dictate what happens to your assets.

Here are some complications in estate plans for modern relationships – pre-nuptial agreements, de-facto relationships and blended families.

How do the courts view these intricacies?

Jacqui’s key message today: Spend a little time doing an estate plan it can save so much heartache later.

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Eradicate Estate Planning Concerns

Are you part of the sandwich generation? You’ve got elderly parents as well as your children. It can feel like a heck of a responsibility, can’t it?

Download this free book now by Jacqui Brauman, Talking Trading guest extraordinaire. Gain the skills to smoothly talk about key issues with your parents such as powers of attorney.

It will also help you choose appropriate executors for your own affairs, and teach you the basics about what you need to know. Click here now to download this insightful book.

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