Estate Planning 101

Estate Planning 101

Protect your loved ones when the time comes with a thorough estate plan.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Shame is one of those emotions we don’t talk about much it can be a bonding tool.

Traders should talk about their losses with other traders.

Shame isn’t mean to isolate us, it is meant to make us learn.


Jacqui Brauman

“I won’t be going anywhere for a long time.”

“I don’t want to jinx my future.”

“It is just too hard.”

These are some of the reasons people avoid Estate Planning when life is going well.

But things change and your loved ones could end up carrying the can.

Without an estate plan you risk confusion and chaos for your loved ones. Estate planning is more than just a will, it ensures your legacy doesn’t get embroiled in disputes down the track. Sibling rivalry, family dynamics and childhood grievances often last beyond your lifetime.

But with a thorough estate plan you dictate what happens to your assets.

Jacqui is an accredited wills and estates specialist, she focuses on prevention so families are protected when the time comes.

Jacqui has run TBA Law since 2012.  Email

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Eradicate Estate Planning Concerns

Are you part of the sandwich generation? You’ve got elderly parents as well as your children. It can feel like a heck of a responsibility, can’t it?

Download this free book now by Jacqui Brauman, Talking Trading guest extraordinaire. Gain the skills to smoothly talk about key issues with your parents such as powers of attorney. It will also help you choose appropriate executors for your own affairs, and teach you the basics about what you need to know.

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