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Thursday, July 25, 2024


Investing Psychology Secrets

In this deeply touching episode, Louise opens up in a way she rarely does. It's raw. It's vulnerable. And you'll discover the story behind why she wrote her new book.

Trading Hearts: Navigating Love and Markets

Unveiling the strategies for lasting relationships. Louise Bedford, Chris Tate, and Dr. Harry Stanton share practical insights on balancing the dynamic world of trading with the intricacies of love. Get ready to trade your way to a fulfilling relationship!

Mind Over Markets: Sculpting Success Through Habit Formation

Dive into the psychology of trading with Louise Bedford and Jordon Mellor in this episode of 'Mind Over Markets'. Uncover the secrets to mastering habits that pave the way for profit-driven success in the ever-evolving world of trading.

Bounce Back Fast: Mastering Resilience in Trading

It’s time to develop trading toughness. Pressure-proof your trading using these unique mind hacks that will get you performing at the top of your game and bouncing back from knocks in the markets.

Big Money Footprints

Become a detective and learn how to track big money footprints in this week’s episode. We're diving deep into the world of options trading with a true maestro in the field. Join us as we sit down with the man who cracked the code and reshaped the landscape of options trading - Guy Cohen.