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You need ongoing, current, cutting edge trading information. Without this focus, you’ll fall behind and slip into the abyss of mediocre traders who never quite make it to the top.

Financial journalist, Caroline Stephen, as well as traders Chris Tate and Louise Bedford realise this. They are also aware that there is a huge desire for free information to help traders excel. Over dinner one night, it became clear that there was no-one offering to help traders like this... and it was a crying shame.

The seeds were planted. The project was conceived. A weekly, free radio show was created.

So really, this website and all that it entails began as a delicious, collaborative passion project.

And where there is passion... great things happen.


About Caroline Stephen

Caroline is your trusted, unbiased voice on what it takes to achieve success in the markets.

With a degree in Asian studies and a strong professional background in journalism with the ABC, her investigative skills have been highly coveted by a variety of different organisations, including the 7.30 Report TV show. She is now the host of the Talking Trading radio show.

Caroline is one of the founding partners of and her role as CEO enables her to develop dynamic trading friendships with market experts so that she can empower the traders who turn to her for  counsel.

Her passion for investing and bringing people towards financial freedom as well as her keen eye for a newsworthy story will ensure that you'll be enthralled with each and every episode Caroline hosts.


About Chris and Louise

With a combined trading experience of over 50 years, Chris and Louise are trading authors, mentors, and innovators. They aim to put money into your share trading pocket and make it stick, even if you only have 30-minutes a day available, and have limited knowledge about trading.

Even if you’ve trained with a different share market trainer, the chances are that Chris and Louise have had a huge influence on them.

Chris and Louise have been quoted by every major newspaper in the country, and spoken for every major share market body as keynote speakers. To our knowledge, no other professional traders who’ve cracked the code would ever let you get such an insight into their methods. They run the 'repeat for free' Trading Game Mentor Program which will teach you how to trade every instrument, over every time frame, but where you trade your own personalised trading plan.

Licensing Information

Talking Trading is the brain-child of Chris Tate and Louise Bedford, Directors of See the link on the bottom of each web-page to be fully aware of our Privacy and Licensing information.

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