Neil Hay

Neil Hay

Should you use profit targets in your trading? Louise Bedford answers using famous trader, Jesse Livermore, as an example. Plus, mentoree Neil Hay from WA talks about his spectacular trading results for 2019.

Mindpower Louise Bedford

Should you use profit targets?

Louise answers this question from a Talking Trader listener with wisdom from JESSE LIVERMORE as well her own Commonwealth Bank trade.



Neil Hay

Mentoree Neil Hay has had spectacular trading results over 2019.

Hear how when he went back and did the Trading Game mentor program a third time he wondered what on earth Chris and Louise had learnt in those years to change so much. He was joking of course! (7.15mins)

Hear how his macro filter took him out of the GFC 10 days before the massive demise of stocks in the US. (8.30 mins)

And how his trading structures were confirmed the third time he did the Trading Game mentor program last year.

You will love him.

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