Con Brochinis

Con Brochinis

Mentoree Con Brochinis has hit a whopping return and in this episode hear how he has done it. Chris Tate looks at the markets around the world and Louise Bedford plays a game of ‘Who Am I’?

Market Wrap

World Indices are continuing their bullish run for this quarter with the US market tracking back to former all-time highs.

The Australian market is up nearly 10% as is the UK in spite of Brexit and the fire in the chook shed.

Commodities and precious metals are out of unison with only palladium being a stand out performer and a little run in crude.


Play a game of Who Am I as Louise divulges facts about a famous trader and you guess who it is.



Con Brochinis

Con Brochinis started trading in a bull market in 1995 where it was initially VERY EASY for him to make money.  But as time went by, Con ran into typical problems that traders face.

However this financial year Con’s trading system is now yielding a MASSIVELY POSITIVE R return.

In Con’s words ‘strangely his whole trading process has become very easy and very lucrative.’

His story is great.

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