Jeni White

Jeni White

When the tsunami in Japan almost wiped out Jeni White’s trading account she enrolled in the Mentor Program. In this week’s episode of Talking Trading we look at Jeni’s trading journey and how she realised what was possible. Louise Bedford also tells us her definition of financial freedom and the amount of confidence and security it gives her… and how all traders can feel like that too.


Jeni White

Jeni White gathered her trading float by sweating away in hothouses growing hydroponic tomatoes. She tried trading on her own and she was up in profit… but the tsunami in Japan caused destruction within her trading account and nearly wiped her out.

She knew then it was time to do the Mentor Program.

During the Mentor Program Jeni realised how much she could take control and she didn’t have to be at the whim of what came her way and she could “grab life by the nuts”.

She could make it happen.

Her biggest curve ball was when her beloved Grandfather died and left her money which doubled her trading float.

It threw her into a spin.

The fear of losing the money that he had given her was far worse than the thought of losing the money she had made. The Mentor Program opened a whole new world for Jeni where she is in charge of her financial future and looking forward to that golden bull equity market.


Louise Bedford – Mindpower

The Solution Is Trading

Louise Bedford’s definition of financial freedom is: If you took everything away from her she could recreate it from scratch, and the second time around she could do it faster, bigger and better.

To Louise, having this knowledge, confidence and skills is the feeling of TRUE FREEDOM.

Trading does that for you.

You can have this feeling too.


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