Charting legend Peter L Brandt walks us through his charts

If a classical charting legend could walk you through his analysis of individual markets would you listen?

In this weeks episode of Talking Trading, Peter L Brandt gives a surgeon’s dissection of his charts on gold, oil and US stocks. Peter tells why he thinks GOLD is ringing a bell, why the OIL market is biding time and why US stocks have a perfect head and shoulder top. This interview is a rare opportunity to see the market through his eyes.

Peter L BrandtPeter L Brandt

Peter L Brandt walks us through the classical geometry of 3 individual markets and we get the opportunity to hear his inner trading mind at work and see the charts through his eyes. We also hear psychological trading traps, strategies to overcome them and discuss some of Peter’s favourite trading quotes.

In this interview we examine:

GOLD and why Peter thinks it is the purest trading market of all. We also find out if it has rung a bell.

OIL and why it is biding time. We find out where Peter thinks crude will go.

US Stocks and how a perfect head and shoulders pattern has formed. Why it is the first the market correction since the bottom of 2008.

But charts don’t always work and Peter has no trouble saying when the market has gone against what he predicted. As he says a chart pattern is only a ‘possibility’.

Hear why he also says:

Traders do not find good trades, good trades find traders. The best trades are self-evident


Why traders must go by the rule that their worst drawdown is one that has not happened yet.

Peter is a launching a new trading service at Hear more market analysis, trading insight and see the market through his charting eyes.

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