Ground Control to Trader Tom

Ground Control to Trader Tom

Get ready to launch into space this week as Chris Tate shares his views on astronaut Chris Hadfield. Fresh from seeing Hadfield live on stage, Chris Tate shares why he admires this test pilot, turned astronaut, turned Commander in Chief of the International Space Station. Hear how what he learned in space can be applied to trading the markets. Put on your space undies and prepare to fly to orbital speed.


ChrisHadfield2Chris Hadfield

When Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield dreamed of becoming an astronaut Canada didn’t even have a space program. Against enormous odds Hadfield rose from a being military pilot, a test pilot, a NASA astronaut, and then Commander in Chief of the International Space Station and the first Canadian to walk in space.

By the time he landed back on earth from his last visit to space as Commander In Chief of the ISS he had orbited the planet 2336 times and traveled 62 million miles. Prior to astronaut Greg Kelly touching down to Earth last week, Hadfield had the record of the longest time in space of 146 days.

He was in Australia recently promoting his book An Astronaut’s Guide to Living on Earth, educating people about space as well what he had learned from his many years of preparation on earth.

He said:

“You see a funny thing happened on the way to space. I learned how to live better and more happily down here on earth.”

Chris Tate attended his talk and here are parallels between Hadfield’s success and the success of share traders who make real returns… and who also sometimes dream about wearing fancy space undies and walking in outer space.



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