The Impostor Syndrome

The Impostor Syndrome

It’s time to beat those fluttering feelings of being an Impostor, find out what goes through Chris Tate’s brain when he trades, and learn how the bullish markets around the world can take your bank account along with them! Also, remember to take our Talking Trading survey this week and score yourself a free Special Report.



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Market Wrap with Jonathon Barrat.

It is all about commodities.
The latest rallies in the ASX could be sustainable with optimism and recovery in the commodity markets. Jono’s advice is to ogle the oil, copper and iron ore charts as well as BHP and Rio. Gold has no friends at the moment, which means it is also a good time to be looking at its charts.

The international markets are also performing with the Dow and S&P up on Friday and the European markets strong with the Dax and FTSE.


chris_tate_expChris Tate Quiz

Want to get inside Chris Tate’s head when he is trading. Here is your chance.

Tune in to our 10 questions quiz to hear machinations of his brain when the markets are open.


Café Conversations with Louise Bedford and Leanne Savory

Ever felt like a fraud?
Ever suffer fluttering feelings of lack of confidence trading?
Ever felt like you don’t deserve your trading success?

These feelings are common… so common in fact they have a name – ‘The Imposter Syndrome’. That unshakable belief that you won’t live up to other people’s expectations and that it is just a matter of time until others find out that you are a fraud.  Women tend to suffer it more than men and traders often suffer from it after a series of wins or losses.

It comes back down to your financial thermostat. If you have trouble accepting your win your thermostat will push and shake you back into your comfort zone…the financial doghouse.

Louise Bedford and Leanne Savory define this syndrome and they give practical tactics on how to kick this beast in the butt and live your potential as a trader.

For more information about the Imposter Syndrome and to see if you have this type of thinking go to and answer her 20 questions.

This could be the beginning of your inner transformation for trading victory.

Tune in next week for Life Coach and Ted Talk Star Tanya Geislar for an in depth interview on The Imposter Syndrome



This episode of Talking Trading is also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

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