Step into Your Starring Role in Life

Step into Your Starring Role in Life

Get ready to move into your greatness and shine as a trader with Leadership Coach and Ted X Talk Star Tanya Geisler. Those feelings of ‘it is just a matter of time until someone finds out I am fake’ are ready for the dustbin. Tanya defines, describes and demystifies the Impostor Complex so you can own your authority. Her enthusiasm is electric. Her passion is uplifting. Her belief tells you can do anything.

Get ready – go – step into your greatness.


Market Wrap Jono Barratt

And the US Bull just keeps on running as the Dow closed on record highs on Friday up 154 points. If it can have a couple of days above the 18 100 level then it is possible it could trend for a significant move higher.

The Aussie market seems to have just broken out and Jono thinks it will be interesting to see if it can gain the 6000 handle and shoot higher.

With Tokyo recording a 15-year high and other world markets performing it looks hopeful that there are opportunities coming for Australia.


Tanya GeislerThe Impostor Syndrome – Tanya Geisler

All high achievers have suffered the Impostor Complex.
Those thoughts that say ‘It is just a matter of time until someone finds out I am a fake.’

They keep you small….they keep you from shining…
John Lennon suffered it so much he said ‘Part of me thinks I am a loser and the other part thinks I am god almighty.’
Sound familiar…ring any bells?

When Leadership Coach Tanya Geisler presented at Ted X on the Impostor Syndrome she brought the house down. She told people how to move beyond self-doubt into OWNING THEIR AUTHORITY.

She tells us how to do that here in this episode. Unplugged. Raw.
In 6 simple coaching steps that have you believing in your ability and stepping into your greatness.

We also find out why women suffer impostor thinking more than men and what women can do to stand in sisterhood.

You’ll need to research this fabulous guest further. Go to Tanya Geisler’s website now.

Impostor Syndrome Resources:

Tanya Geisler Ted X Talk ‘Owning Your Own Authority.’
Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk ‘Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.

Valerie Young ‘s book ‘The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women.’

Pauline Rose Clance –



Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

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