This episode will get you up to speed with commodities and pulling in the profits. Expert Aaron Lynch tells us the way they work in their markets, their quirks and learning hurdles and most importantly their rewards. Also get up to date with Accountant’s Jason Cunningham’s One Day Bootcamp and how he intends to make people’s hard earned mula stick in their pockets, listen to why Louise says you have become one eyed about your goals and hear about the release of Executive Trader Magazine. Plus find out where Chris Tate has placed his trades in the markets around the world.


Chris - InvastMarket Wrap

Markets around the world are hitting highs. The US market is on an all time high, the Nasdaq 100 is on a 14 year high, FTSE 100 a 17 year high, Euro Stoxx 50 a 7 year high and Australian markets over the last quarter have been immensely rewarding and are in striking distance of all time highs.

Find out which markets interest Chris at the moment and where he has placed trades.


Mindpower – Become One-Eyed!

Allow yourself to be selfish about pursuing your goals and stop feeding yourself excuses. You only become a great trader by pursuing what you really want in life.



jason_expJason Cunningham – Accountant – The Practice

On March 11, 2015 Jason Cunningham from The Practice is running a one-day bootcamp to help people maximise their finances and make the most their hard work.

After 18 years in the business Jason has witnessed complacency and convenience run people’s lives. He is passionate about getting people to treat at their personal finances like a business and getting your hard earned mula to stick.

Join him for his one-day event at:

Venue: 369 Royal Parade
Ground Floor
Parkville Melbourne

Sign in is at 8.30am for a 9am start to 5pm
$149 for the day and lunch is provided.

Louise Bedford is a special guest presenter.

Phone Brendan Keogh on (03) 8888 4000 to book in, or email him at


Commodities with Aaron Lynch

The pool of commodities is deeper than shares… it also has slightly more professional players, as Mums and Dads don’t tend to dive in and out like they do shares. Their fluctuations are therefore more predictable and they tend to follow natural cycles.

Aaron explains the way commodities work and why once you are over the initial learning hurdle of understanding their contracts, CFDs provide a golden opportunity to invest in this asset class.

Get to know them intimately and rather than spreading yourself too thin become an expert in a few. Aaron sees 2015 as being a rewarding year and after big declines in iron ore we are likely to see a bounce. Also hear what other commodities could perform in the year ahead.


CafeCafé Conversation

Jonathan Jackson and Tony Maugham announces the launch of their new magazine Executive Trader. Their daily, up to the minute news, information and analysis of the market is designed to make traders stronger, faster and smarter. Louise Bedford is a guest writer and will be contributing to the magazine.

Take advantage of their special offer:

6 months free subscription for Talking Trading listeners. Go to and grab your subscription today.




Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod


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