In this episode Ken Raiss the managing director of Chan and Naylor Accountants shares his 28 years of experience. Hear how you can best protect your trading capital on your road to financial freedom, and taxation booby traps you need to avoid during the financial year. Louise Bedford shares tips to live your authentic self in Mindpower and Niv Dagan tells us how the markets are performing this week.


Niv DaganMarket Wrap with Niv Dagan

The Dow Jones fell 278 points on Friday with better than expected pay roll figures pushing the three major US markets down.

The Australian market also traded slightly weaker at 5850 points.  With the MACD crossing on the downside for the US, Australian and European Index we can expect short-term weakness in the global markets over the next short period.


Mindpower with Louise Bedford

Be Your Authentic Self

Are you being authentic and living your life’s purpose?
When you are liberated from your own fears and living your life’s mission that is when truly become of service to the world.

Louise gives key questions to prod you into living your authentic self.

Oh yes… and she mentions that when you improve your psychology your trading results will improve as well.


Tribal Tip with Janet Beckers

Stamp your feet to the beat of the drum with this tribal tip of Janet Beckers. For more from Janet go to: romanceyourtribe.com


Ken_RaissKen Raiss – Managing Director of Chan and Naylor Accounting

Your accountant is a crucial part of your wealth creation team and understanding how to protect your income and assets is essential in walking the road towards financial freedom.

Ken Raiss is a mastermind of wealth trusts; he has over 28 years of accounting experience and has helped build Chan and Naylor into one of Australia’s leading accounting specialists.

Learn which trust structures best protect your hard earned trading capital, find out how to capitalise on the tax year to make the most of your profits, and hear other potential traps of the tax system which you need to know about as a serious investor.

Also hear what Ken’s advice is to all novice traders and what they MUST do before they engage the markets.



Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod http://www.incompetech.com

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