Champagne Presentation Sydney Traders’ Event

Champagne Presentation Sydney Traders’ Event

Hear the buzz from attendees on the night of our Sydney Traders’ event.

Come and relive our Sydney Traders’ event with Chris Tate and Louise Bedford and the crew from Invast. Hear what attendees thought of Chris Tate’s presentation ‘Your Thinking is Keeping You Broke’ and how mentorees are faring in the markets. Plus hear how the ASX performed last week and if a Grexit is imminent in Europe.

To watch a video of the highlights of the Sydney Traders’ event and to see some more photos, click here.

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Louise and Ashley JessenMarket Wrap – Ashley Jessen

Stellar gains in the Aussie market with 12 days of consecutive gains on Friday and 9.5% growth with materials and the energy sector were the strongest performing sectors.

A bullish flag pattern is on the US indices and it looks like a consolidation breakout to the upside, which could see one final run for the bull. But be nimble and focused on stops as bullish flags can retrace strongly.

Potential opportunities this week as GOLD sits on support but with momentum strong traders need to monitor their stops. Greece’s debt and the Eurozone is a talking point this week as we find out if a Grexit is likely.

Plus hear which stocks in the ASX are trending.



Last Wednesday evening Trading Game and Invast held an exclusive traders’ event in Sydney where Chris Tate presented on Your Thinking is Keeping You Broke.

It was a full house with 280 people attending the evening and extra chairs brought in to accommodate people.  People fresh to the markets, those seeking further trading education, as well Sydney based mentorees and Sydney Trading Game experts all attended.

Over drinks and canapés I spoke to people about Chris Tate’s presentation and how the markets have been for mentorees over the past 6 months.

Below you can see Chris Tate and Louise Bedford in full flight, as well as Fadi and Jamie, graduates of our Mentor Program.

Chris - InvastFadi and Jamie

Invast event

Invast evening

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This episode of Talking Trading is also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

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