Gender Specific Differences in Trading Performance

Gender Specific Differences in Trading Performance

This week Chris Tate takes a fascinating peek into the different ways men and women approach the markets. With a testosterone-fuelled hunter-mindset, men tend to be overconfident and trade for the excitement whilst bragging to their mates how well they are doing. Women naturally husband resources and preserve capital but can aquire a lack of confidence. How can we support each other to trade at the optimum level? Find out in this cage-rattling interview. Also hear why Louise urges you to not be freaking normal and hear the latest in the markets last week.


Niv Dagan – Market Wrap

The Aussie market had a good week relative to the US and outperformed the US market last week for the first time in a long while. With confidence coming back Down Under and the Reserve Bank’s meeting this week we saw all-time highs for stocks such as CSL, CBA and Telstra.

Niv’s advice is that things will be volatile this week so have your stops in place.

Also find out which sectors are hot and which are not.

Niv Dagan is an Executive Director at PEAK Asset Management. To get access to Niv’s morning and arvo market wraps, click here.


Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Don’t be freaking normal. The people having the most fun in life and achieving the most awesome achievements aren’t normal.

They possess the same set of insecurities, demons and failures as you do. They have just figured how to move forward and silence that nagging voice of doubt.


chris_tate_expGender Specific Differences Between the Way Men and Women Trade – Chris Tate

In their testosterone fuelled plight men tend to be overconfident in the markets and churn and burn through their capital in the name of excitement and the glory of the hunt.

Women are often different. They don’t waste capital. They tend to look after their resources and naturally do the very thing required for successful trading – undertrade – undertrade – undertrade. But this can tip into lack of confidence.

Chris discusses what the studies have shown and what he has observed when it comes to men’s and women’s trading styles and the effect it has on their trading results.



This episode of Talking Trading is also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

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