Year In Review with Louise & Chris

Year In Review with Louise & Chris

What a fantastic year and to celebrate Louise and Chris look at the most burning and pressing issues in trader’s psyche during 2019.

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate

What were the key psychological issues people faced in 2019?

FOMO or fear of missing out dictates the majority of people’s trading decisions even though it might mean the trades they take are sub-optimal or non-existent. (46 secs)

Chris and Louise see the number of people trades that in no way resemble their trading plans.

Making sure trades match your archetypal trade look is essential as is finding a trading time frame which suits your personality.

At (6.10 mins) hear the strangest thing happened in the markets in 2019, the All Ordinaries were the second-best performing index in the world.

Hear Chris’ theory behind systems and how if his trading system breaks even he is happy because it relieves pressure.

And listen to their end of rituals (12.46 mins). Chris suggests going through and looking at how many trades match your rules.

Louise writes her big goals down and puts them in the Christmas Tree box and funnily enough, she has accomplished every goal since the last 10 years but not the last 1 year.

So excited about 2020.


From Louise Bedford, Chris Tate and Caroline Stephen MERRY CHRISTMAS.

We’ll be back next year on 29 January 2020 ready to bring you the latest on the markets with more interviews from top traders around the world.





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