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Linda’s first seven-digit profit day came from a short position on the SPs. Hear about her huge trend days, market losses and life in between.

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Market Wizard Linda Raschke

Linda’s first seven-digit profit day came from a short position on the SPs. She will never forget driving down her two-lane country road to the karate studio. Her eyesight was razor-sharp and she has never felt that intensity again. (5.48 mins)

Also, hear about the times when trades went south for her (7.18mins) and the amount of psychic capital she lost on each one.

At (14.46mins) we talk about Linda’s other great love ‘horses’ and how she can be out of her office and on top of a horse ready to ride five minutes after the markets close.

Then hear about Linda’s friend Mr Bill, the Mr Miyagi in her life who is her personal trainer and best friend and how if you substitute the word trading for training Mr Bill has the perfect recipe. (23.55 mins).

Finally, listen to Linda’s advice from 4 decades of experience in the markets. (26.15 mins) and the best way to view trading.

To purchase a copy of Linda’s new book Trading Sardines, go to

Trading Sardines celebrates grit and resilience in the financial markets. It is a hilarious account of Linda’s four decades of experience in the markets, full of laugh out loud moments.

From the raucous trading floors of the eighties to the giant server racks thirty years later Linda spills the beans on her market recipe, her trading disasters and all the colourful characters in between.

It is a testimony that you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and stay in the game.