EGO Trading and Spirituality

EGO Trading and Spirituality

Dr Brett Steenbarger is a trading performance coach at some of the world’s leading hedge funds and propriety funds. Hear what makes an elite trader and how you can be one.


Calm your anxiety – immediately

Learn this great technique to relieve trading anxiety and restore your equilibrium so you can trade to your potential.



Dr Brett Steenbarger

Dr Brett Steenbarger is a world-renown performance coach for hedge fund portfolio managers and traders, he is a regular columnist to Forbes Magazine and has written several books on the psychology of trading.

Hear how “good trading comes from the soul, not the ego” (5.50mins).

At 7.25 mins hear how successful traders ‘listen’ to the markets and how Steenbarger’s first turnaround in the markets came when he viewed them as ‘communication’, as if he was doing therapy and it was a relationship of empathy and understanding.

At 10.20 mins hear what is it that Steenbarger looks for when he is helping Wall Street hedge funds hire traders and the essential element is that a successful trader knows and can describe in detail what they do well.

Then hear why it is fundamental to celebrate your winning trades (14.30 mins) and then how to forgive yourself for a loss.

To find out more about Dr Brett Steenbarger go to or google his articles in Forbes magazine.

To read Brett’s book Radical Renewal go to


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