XX Rated Trading

XX Rated Trading

Louise Bedford on gender in the markets and which comes first the chick or the dreg, Chris Tate on how to kick start a small account and Adam Talbot on the little things that make success.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Research by Harvard sociologist Rosabeth Kanter on her study Men and Women of the Corporation found that women tend to be pigeon-holed in a corporation and typecast into 4 categories:


  1. Mother
  2. Pet
  3. Seductress
  4. Iron Maiden.

But the research showed when more women were employed those gender-based differences dissolved.

We don’t have enough female traders.

In the Trading Game community 30% of traders are female but in retail CFD markets only 10% are women clients.

Let’s start encouraging gender equality with trading. Trading has true longevity for people, it doesn’t rely on the power of your body it relies on the power of your mind.

It a viable way of keeping money in your twenties and thirties and into old age.

This research inspired and encouraged Louise to keep speaking out. She really wants to see you succeed and share in your success as you upgrade your lifestyle and realise what you are capable of and step into your power and identity as a trader.


 A Little Trading – Chris Tate

If you had a small account of 5k what would you do to kick it off?

To start small Chris would get used to dealing in the markets and learn to acclimatise your responses.

The markets show people what they are really like – ill disciplined, lazy, frightened, and unwilling to do the things that make you successful.

How you respond will be the harbinger to if you are successful.


Book Review The Slight Edge – Adam Talbot mentoree of 2016

Adam reads this book once a year and the one book that has made the biggest impact on his life personal.

The message of The Slight Edge is the secrets to success are the little choices we make each day – the little things that are easy to do and also easy not to do.

Over time the compound effect of these little choices will lead you to the success you desire. Do the little things that matter ESPECIALLY when no one is watching.

Free tickets for the Online Trading Summit

“Join me today at the Online Trading Summit, a free online event featuring video interviews and presentations with more than 30+ top traders (including yours truly).

It’s going live during the week of 10th – 16th September 2018 and includes interviews with top traders who will share with you how they got started with trading and their personal secrets to sustaining long-term success in trading.

I’m presenting on one of my favourite topics in the whole world… candlesticks, but in a way that you’ve never seen before. I’ll show you how I use them to trade volatile markets.

This is going to be an amazing event, so go here to grab your ticket now while I’ve still got some free tickets available by clicking here.

You don’t want to miss what people are calling the online trading event of the year.”

– Louise Bedford


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