Red Monkey Coaching

Red Monkey Coaching

Pick up time management and business skills in this episode with Mark Creedon from Red Monkey Coaching and hear how to be more organised and productive through your day.  Plus Louise Bedford shares her view on your calendar and organisation.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Your calendar shows what you value in life.

If you can’t point to the things in your calendar, then you are not really prioritising them. Your calendar is your accountability buddy.

Without an effective calendar routine you will never live the life you deserve.

Mark Creedon – Red Monkey Coaching

Mark shares on how to be more motivated, organised and productive in your business.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Be a finisher

Finish what you say you said you would do because the golden business principle is:


And take small steps on your action list – CHUNK IT DOWN. If you have too much on your list you will be overwhelmed.

  • Cash flow follows your calendar

Time management is about PRIORITY MANAGEMENT.The best way to get onto time management is to put your time in dollar terms.

Then you will spend your time on the most FUND FRIENDLY tasks. Then lock these things into your calendar it will direct your cash flow.

Golden business principle:  Time is money and IF I DON’T VALUE MY TIME NO ONE ELSE WILL.

  • Getting the right people on board.

Hire your team so they are DIFFERENT FROM YOU.

Golden business principle: you want someone whose strengths are your weaknesses. If you are part of a team you can go further.

  • Biggest interrupters to our time are phone and email.

We have to not let these two beasts control us.

Golden Business Principle: Create a set time to answer emails and phone calls.

People ring because they want something from you because it is there priority but is it yours.

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