Self Mastery Trading

Self Mastery Trading

Understand your trading psychology at the deepest level with trader, trading psychologist and trading coach Mandi Pour Rafsendjani who gives fascinating insights into childhood self esteem, trading errors and ultimate success in the markets. Louise Bedford shares on the principle of serendipity.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Serendipity is a very real principle.

Don’t shy away from working hard in a particular area.

If you haven’t had that area bear fruit yet it could come from a completely separate source.

It might be all of your hard work and effort are not rewarded directly but some other side hustle comes up.

The harder you work the luckier you get.


“Trading is the journey to self-mastery awareness.”  Mandi Rafsanjani

Trader, trading psychologist and trading coach Mandi Rafsendjani gives the real reasons why we fail or succeed in the markets, where emotional and self esteem blockages lie and how you can overcome them to be an effective trader and make money in the markets.  Mandi shares how the great trader can grow up.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Why traders really start trading and how to deal with emotional distress in the markets
  • The 5 most common trading mistakes
  • How much time it takes to master the art of trading
  • How to build your trading self esteem
  • How the markets are really a journey to grow up and become adults
  • Why a lot of traders DON’T want to look in the MIRROR
  • Why traders don’t get back on the horse after a losing streak
  • Why trading losses lock into childhood patterns of self- esteem and worthiness.

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