Trader Summit

Trader Summit

Philip Teo has amassed 30 + top traders around the world for an online trader’s summit so you can hear the best experts talking about their strategies and secrets. Louise Bedford shares the importance of working with a team.

Mindpower Louise Bedford

Having the right team around you counts!

The people around you are your cheerleaders.

Work out who you need so you can be a success because once you are a success …   you drag a heck of a lot of people up that success tree with you.

Philip Teo

After 10 years as a technical analyst Philip began coaching retail traders to impart trading proficiency so the man on the street has a chance of achieving financial freedom.

In this interview with Philip we discuss:

  • His trading methodology
  • Instruments and markets he trades
  • His personality style and how he by passed major market mistakes
  • The psychological hurdles which face him

From 10 September to 16 September Philip is running an online trading summit – a free online event featuring video interviews and presentations.

With over 30 + top traders around the world including Louise Bedford, Van Tharp, Jerry Parker and Andrea Unger they will discuss how they got started in the markets and their personal secrets to sustaining long term success.

People will be allowed live Q and A with experts on the panel to ask their own personal pressing questions.

It is free to attend and all summit videos are made available for 24 hours.

You don’t want to miss what people are calling “the online trading event of the year”.

To book in to go to:

Online Trading Summit


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