Treasure Trading

Treasure Trading

Didn’t get a chance to make it to the one-day seminars with Chris Tate and Louise Bedford? Or do you just want refresher tips? Here are some of the key points shared by Chris Tate on how to be a successful trader. This episode will punch through any confusion you’re feeling.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Stop Procrastinating!

To get over procrastination break down that big project into tiny chunks and once you have started you are more likely to continue.

SHAME is a big reason people procrastinate. The best way to overcome it is consider the project done and associate good feelings with it.

Then truly you will be a high performer.

Chris Tate

We are treasure hunters ….  but often in the wrong way.

Good traders BUY NEW HIGHS.

But many people don’t grasp this concept easily. You will never be wealthy buying something that is going down.

In Chris’s mind most people are fossicking around in their grandmother’s underwear draw looking for shillings she collected when she was younger while the sensible people and good traders are looking in the right spot.

They have the right key to the bank vault.


The sheer simplicity of trading can bamboozle people because they expect it to be immensely complex.

But in reality all you need to do is listen to the markets and they will tell you everything you need to know.

And make sure you keep talking to other traders to get the support you need. They are the only ones who will understand your pain, your frustration, your growth and the errors you make.

In fact part of a traders resume is to be wrong. Trading is one of those professions where you are paid to be wrong and the traders who make the fewer errors wins.

And remember successful people have a directed given PURPOSE. Everyone is a beginner is something, the most successful beginners GET THE BASICS RIGHT.


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