Feasting on Fat Tails

Feasting on Fat Tails

When a share just goes up and up there is a name for it: A fat tail. Mentoree Doug Dew shares his studies on market probability, fractal geometry and fat tails. Louise Bedford discusses the cost of speculation and the challenges of a small account.

Mindpower Louise Bedford

How much equity is required in the markets?

The cost of speculation must be worthwhile and trading smaller accounts can throw up some challenges.

Hear what they are with Louise.

Doug Dew Mentoree

Experts are divided when it comes to markets being random or predictable and Mentoree Doug Dew shares his research.

In this interview we discuss:

  • The book: ‘A Random Walk Down Wall Street’ and the term ‘heteroscedasticity’
  • The concept of efficient market theory
  • Mandelbrot and Fractal Geometry
  • The Bell Curves, nature and Karl Fredrick Guass
  • Nassim Taleb and his book ‘Fooled By Randomness’
  • The importance of psychological stamina for long runs of unsuccessful trades
  • The definition of fat tails and what to do when a fat tail comes and how to protect your protect profit.


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