Footy Trading Part 2

Footy Trading Part 2

Cameron Schwab on how elite coaches build confidence and the advice CEO’s hear.

After 25 years as CEO of AFL Cameron Schwab learnt a thing or two about leadership. Hear how got the best performance from his team and the advice he gives other CEO’s. Louise Bedford shares the power of making the implicit explicit.

Louise Bedford Mindpower

Hedy Cohen was a mentoree who passed away from ovarian cancer.

Before she died she passed on special journal she wrote to her children. She poured out her heart and the things she would like them to do, the light they brought to the world, and her hopes and dreams for them.

Louise does this for her children and Louise’s little girl says it makes her feel very special.

That is the power of writing things down.

In your own life what is implicit that you need to make EXPLICIT.

Cameron Schwab

After 25 years as a CEO in the ruthless environment of elite AFL Cameron Schwab learnt a thing or two about being an effective leader.

Cameron now advises and mentors CEOs and other up and coming leaders.

People often like the idea of leading but they are not aware of the mettle it takes in difficult environments.

If you are ambitious then you want to match it with a level of high capability and this interview gives you insights on how to improve your competence.

Number one: Cameron says to stick within your easy wisdom.

The way elite coaches build the confidence of their players is to look and work on their strengths.

Number two: Find your higher purpose and the reason you are doing things.

Number three: Cameron espouses the success habit of a morning and evening journal. By brain dumping thoughts and ideas you are able to get them out of your head and regain confidence.

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