Footy Trading

Footy Trading

Cameron Schwab was CEO of three AFL clubs for 25 years. Hear his unique and personal insights into the world of elite sport and the leadership lessons he learnt. Louise Bedford says to stay true to your best habits.

Louise Bedford Mindpower

What can you do to make your trading more convenient?

We are a sum total of our habits and it is up to us to create effective habits.

Unless you make trading convenient you will procrastinate.


Cameron Schwab

Cameron Schwab became CEO of the Richmond Football Club at the age of 24

the youngest CEO in the history of the AFL.

He spent the next 25 years as CEO of three AFL clubs.

It was 25 years of intense education in the unforgiving, unrelenting and often ruthless environment of elite sport, where your successes and failures played out in the public forum.

Cameron shares a personal and disarming insight into the challenges of leadership in elite sport.

In this interview we discuss:

  • How to be an authentic leader
  • Experiencing success early on in your career
  • The art of making good judgments
  • Developing resilience and taking wins and losses in your stride
  • Managing things you can control.

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