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WOW Marketing

How to market your business and increase sales.

How do you get the most successful comedian in the world to do your advertising for you? Ask John Dwyer from the Institute of Wow who caused a marketing sensation when he signed Jerry Seinfeld to advertise his product. In this interview John tells us the magic tricks of marketing needed to get your business off the ground. From website testimonials to branding logos – you’ll get to look at business through a whole new marketing paradigm.

Successful people have so much to teach us. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Absorb the inspiration. Absorb the energy.

John DwyerJohn Dwyer  – The Institute of Wow

Jerry Seinfeld was the biggest comedian in the world. He had only ever advertised for two companies Microsoft and American Express.

Until John Dwyer, a cheeky marketing executive from Australia.

John snagged Jerry for a series of Australian commercials, which tripled the rate of sales and caused a marketing coup.

If you ownWheel-of-WOW-eBook-Cover-Flatv1-copy your own business and are struggling to get it off the ground, or if you are trying to acquire more clients and increase sales, in this interview John lays out the strategic 101 principles of marketing to get your business singing.

Hear about the importance of moving prospective buyers eyes off the price, why you need a video testimonial raving about your services and the importance of branding logos for any business.

John’s new podcast can be found at this link:

To download John’s free eBook to discover “Wow Factor Marketing Secrets” to catapult your sales, click here.

Bedford_06_white-bgMindpower Fear of People Louise Bedford

Trading is an insular sport.

How do you get the support from non-traders who will not believe in your dream in the market?

Louise urges you to get all their concerns in one disgusting, hairy, steaming mass of sewerage and then put it aside…so you can live the trader’s life.


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