Power Pose Trading

Power Pose Trading

Banish low self-confidence and pessimism in this week’s episode of Talking Trading as leading corporate trainer Judeth Wilson speaks about the benefits of power posing. Hear how simple body poses can increase your levels of testosterone and confidence into optimum states before you trade. Also, resident psychology specialist Simone Miller defines the demon of pessimism and reveals her 5-step strategy to kick self doubt and pessimism in the butt.


Judeth Wilson

What do Wonder Woman stances and victory poses have in common?

They both increase your levels of testosterone and decrease your stress chemical cortisol.

Power poses open your body making you appear larger and more confident and science has proven that when you hold them for at least 2 minutes your biochemistry changes into peak optimum states.

POWER POSE before each session in the markets and program your body to higher success levels. Only 7% of our communication is verbal, your body language paints a thousand words… and dollars.

Go on… strike a pose.

To find out more about Judeth and Upfront Communications go to: upfrontcommunications.com.au


Simone Miller

Do you tend to see, emphasise and anticipate the worst possible outcomes for yourself?

Is pessimism paralysing you and stopping you from making bold and confident decisions when trading?  Pessimism impacts your moods, your decision making, reduces the quality of your relationships and impacts your health.

Simone gives a 5-step strategy to overcome it with practical tips and tricks like finding out your trigger phrases, challenging every negative thought with a question and reminding yourself of your identity statement.


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