World’s First Robo Trading Coach

World’s First Robo Trading Coach

Psyquation’s money management strategy and Louise Bedford on starting from scratch.

The first world’s first robo trading coach has come to life in the FX markets. Psyquation is not a black box or a trading system but a money management strategy. Hear how it was built and how it can eliminate trading errors. Plus if Louise Bedford had to start from scratch what would she do?  Find out in this episode.

1D3_2892Louise Bedford

If Louise had to start trading from scratch what would she do?

  1. She would work out WHY she wanted to trade.
  2. Read books, find a mentor, seek out success stories and develop the technical skills necessary to trade.
  3. Put her head down and study study study.
  4. She would back her guesses with real money.
  5. She would self monitor and look at trades she didn’t take as well as the ones she did.
  6. Take a partial profit of winning trades and reward herself.
  7. She would trade one thing to start with and later a few instruments only.

 And she would listen to the advice of mentors to short cut your trading progress.

berman Michael Berman Pysquation

Needing that unreasonable friend?

Someone who can point out your trading faults and reinforce your positive traits.

The world’s first robo trading coach is available for FX traders.

Psyquation is a money management strategy to overlay onto your existing trading plan. It is not a black box… it is not a trading plan in itself. It works by looking through all your positions and identifying where you are making mistakes and then sending notifications via email or sms. It has both negative alerts for errors and positive alerts to reinforce positive behavior.

80% of FX traders lose money.

As Carl Jung said: “An inflated ego magnifies the blind spot in our eye.”

Psyquation helps to keep your trading habits on the right track.

The service is 100% free for traders.

To kick the tires and register a demo account: go to


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