Wealth Creationist – Andrew Woodward

Wealth Creationist – Andrew Woodward

Hear how those mini building blocks can create a whole new life in this week’s episode of Talking Trading. Mentoree Andrew Woodward discusses how the Mentor Program, and learning to trade with the six inches between his ears, led to creating a whole new business for himself. And Louise Bedford challenges you to treat yourself like a toddler for a day in order to manifest your BIG goals.


1D3_2892Treat Yourself Like a Toddler

Relentless work does not necessarily make you more effective.

Louise sees many traders marching to the steps of burnout. If you are a habitually busy person what can you do to get out of that spiral which is not productive?

Louise’s Challenge.  For one day think of yourself as a toddler – look after yourself as a toddler – do everything you can to treat yourself with care and nurture.

Breakdown those big scary tasks into micro-building blocks. Do each building block in succession and you will be surprised how quickly that BIG goal comes to fruition.


andrew woodwardAndrew Woodward

Andrew Woodward defines himself as a Wealth Creationist.

The share market was the perfect environment to explore his fascination with numbers in a way that led to making money. But Andrew knows even the best strategies won’t prepare you for the mental challenges in the markets.

Both the wins and the losses can challenge the space between your ears and Andrew endured a string of 11 consecutive losses in the commodity markets that had him second-guessing himself.

But Chris and Louise’s advice ‘Keep taking the signals’ kept him plugging away until his faith was restored and he could revel in being a pig for a period.

He has learned that patience is the key in the markets.

He has changed since doing the Mentor Program; he is a better person and trader. His energy with trading has even led him to starting his own business in wealth creation.

His advice to new traders: 10 years ago was the best time to do the Mentor Program. The second best time is today.


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