Tools of Success

Tools of Success

Wake up with this week’s episode of Talking Trading as we talk to life coach Ken D Foster on how to create success and live your greatness. Hear his energy enjoy his passion and soak up his wisdom. Also be inspired by Louise Bedford’s psychological tactic of talking to your inner mentor.


1D3_2892Louise Bedford

Talk to your inner mentor.

Imagine you your best version of yourself in 10 or 20 years into the future…. talk to them, ask them questions, visualize them. Inside all of us is great guidance, strength and wisdom, and this technique allows wisdom from your older self to flow towards you now…to help you…

Your older wiser mentor will lead you closer to living your ideal trader’s life.


Ken D ForsterKen D Foster

Ken D Foster has a PhD in results.

He has been life coaching for 22 years and studied great minds in many areas to see what creates success for people. There are 3 key things successful people do.

Successful people ask the right questions

You have 60 000 thoughts a day but they are the same thoughts as yesterday and the day before. If you want to expand your mind, ask the right questions.  Everyone has the answers to succeed but most people don’t spend the time in solitude to get the answers, which is the second thing successful people do.

Successful people meditate

As Leonardo Da Vinci said  “Isolation is the path to greatness.’

Ken believes when you slow down to succeed you start asking the right questions and you get the right answers, you move in different directions and you start doing things which you thought were impossible. You start living your vision. Which is the third thing successful people do.

Successful people have vision and goal set

The Latin root of COURAGE means to speak your truth and it takes great courage to tune into what you really want in life, speak your truth and execute it. Successful people ask what are the action steps and what could get in the way to accomplish their vision.

To find out more Ken and Stars of Courage which is taking life coaching out to the underprivileged go to: or


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