More with Mark Cook – Stock Market Wizard

More with Mark Cook – Stock Market Wizard

This episode features part 2 of our interview with Stock Market Wizard Mark D Cook. Hear about his work ethic and why personifying your strengths and subduing your weaknesses will make you profitable. Also hear his views on the current state of the market.


Mark CookMark D Cook

Mark D Cook works hard…

He worked hard as a farmer and he works hard as a trader.

When he started his own trading company his father asked him ‘what happens if you don’t make it?’

Mark answered  ‘There will people better connected better educated more experienced but there won’t be anybody who will out-work me.’

His trading motto Work hard and the trading will be profitable.

Success is consistency and perseverance is the first thing he hammers into his students.

Mark calls himself a blue-collar trader… a machine… where he makes a bit of money every day.  He says there is always an opportunity to find money in the markets and his job is to find that opportunity.

He also says: ‘Persistency’ breeds consistency and that the more persistent you are in your endeavors the more consistent your profits over time.

Mark’s winning percentage of trades is a whopping 87%. He evaluates his losing trades as much as his winning trades and believes every trader should self-evaluate. Don’t confuse a bull market with genius and don’t rest on your laurels in a profitable situation.

Mark believes people fail as traders often because their trading plan doesn’t fit their personality. He says Personify your strengths and subdue your weaknesses and you will be profitable.

Hear Mark’s comments on the current state of the market and what his CCT indicator is saying right now.


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