Discover your Wealth Within

Discover your Wealth Within

This episode features fellow podcaster Dale Gilham from Wealth Within. He also runs his podcast show – ‘Talking Wealth’. Hear Dale discuss the ‘art form’ of the markets over morning coffee with Chris Tate and Louise Bedford. Hear why Chris says the most important thing a trader can do is SURVIVE in the markets and why trading is a behavioural endeavour. Let Louise remind you that decisions based on fear always backfire in Mindpower, and find out Warren Buffet’s two golden rules for making money. Also hear which positions Jono is placing this week.


Market Wrap – Jono Barratt

With a solid close on Friday for the US markets and the Dow up 267 points the US economy looks to be out of its malaise.

Asian markets are also bubbling along following suit from the Yankee’s, while storm clouds sit on the horizon for Europe with Greece.

As the Aussie market waits on its budget news, hear which two commodities looked to have bottomed and are presenting opportunities to Jono this week.


Mindpower with Louise Bedford

Be on your guard against FEAR.

Fear stops you in your tracks and prevents you from hunting down your dreams. Anytime you make a decision based on fear it always backfires.

If you can’t find the time today to learn about the share market then when will you… if not today then when?


DaleDale Gilham Café Conversation

Dale Gilham from Wealth Within has been an industry expert for over 20 years. He established his podcast Talking Wealth for similar reasons as to why Talking Trading was developed – to empower people with knowledge from experienced traders. Dale’s diploma of share trading and investment has helped so many traders excel in the markets.

Professional traders talk about the art form of trading, and to develop their art a trader must practice their skill and listen to other experienced traders for a length of time.

Make sure you stick around long enough in the market to get to learn how to truly paint your profits.

The key to profits in the markets is SURVIVAL.

Chris Tate says trading is not a functional endeavour it is a behavioural endeavour. If people pick up the right habits they survive in the markets, if they survive they make money, and if they make money they survive longer.

Learn to accept the simplicity of trading, those who complicate it do not make money in the markets.




Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

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