Get inside Chris Tate’s head and his trading techniques with this week’s Talking Trading episode.

The vertical uplift in Asian markets has brought high volatility to the table. Chris discusses the Chinese economy and strategies he employs in his own trading system during these volatile conditions. This interview is a rare opportunity to hear the inner workings and survival mechanisms of Chris in the markets. Hear what he means by the term psychological rhythm and why when the dance floor is empty you must keep grooving. Also hear about Wealth Retreat that is on the Gold Coast at the end of May.

Interview with Chris Tate

Chris - InvastChina’s markets are AWAKE.

The economic focus has gone from building ghost cities to broking accounts as the population discovers the markets causing a near vertical rise in their value.

But with increased value comes increased volatility and Chris discusses what to do with your trading in such an environment.

Also with high volatility comes the temptation to tinker with your trading plan and step outside its boundaries. Chris Tate’s answer to deviating from your trading plan: SUFFER.

Suffer the consequences, suffer the pain and you learn from the experience. Trading is a negative reinforcement endeavour – you learn through pain not reward. It is also a profession where you must be on your game and Chris shares a story from his underbelly when even he became distracted and had a rush of hot blood to his head.

Chris’s advice this week: Don’t get SPOOKED by volatility and look elsewhere for profit.

Also hear about Wealth Retreat

Wealth Retreat





From 30th May 2015 – 3rd June 2015, Louise Bedford and Chris Tate will be presenting at Australia’s highest- level educational networking seminar on The Gold Coast.




Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

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