Trading Triumphs: 3 Life-Altering Trades

Trading Triumphs: 3 Life-Altering Trades

This action-packed interview with Louise Bedford, Chris Tate and member of the Trading Game Mentor Program, Lukasz Krawczynski will have you on the edge of your seat.

Lukasz takes us through 3 trades that created life-changing profits, and the specifics about his entry, exit, and pyramiding.

You’ll hear about Lukasz’s views about back-testing and his struggles before he cracked the code. You’ll discover how trading totally altered Lukasz’s views about his career, and how his managers could sense this change and stopped making unreasonable demands.

Put yourself in Lukasz’s position. Commit to your own trading education, develop a strong trading plan, and shortcut your journey by following in the footsteps of people who have worked it all out in advance.

Key Concepts We Discuss in this Episode

  • The difference between the Mentor Program, and Boardroom
  • Back-testing and why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be
  • Major changes possible after completing the Mentor Program
  • Why archetypes are essential
  • 3 Life-Changing trades analysed
  • How trading can alter your view towards your career

Charts of the Three Trades We Discuss

Interview Highlights

3:13 – About the Mentor Program and the Boardroom
4:43 – About Lukasz Krawczynski
6:14 – Back-testing and the role it plays
9:20 – The difference to Lukasz’s trading before and after the Mentor Program
11:35 – The risk with being a problem solver
12:25 – Why a system is essential
13:02 – Why Lukasz is archetype focused
15:40 – Lukasz shows us 3 of his life-changing trades
35:07 – Why Lukasz decided not to leave his job
38:08 – Why a trading community is essential
41:23 – Lukasz’s advice to get serious about trading

About Chris Tate

Chris Tate is one of the first people to ever release a share trading book in Australia.

He is the best-selling author of The Art of Trading and The Art of Options Trading in Australia. He’s been running the 6-month repeat-for-free Trading Game Mentor Program with Louise Bedford since the year 2000.

With a background as an immunologist, and his previous work as a bouncer, Chris’s life experiences will amaze you.

When he’s not hanging out with his traders, he can be seen lifting weights at the gym, enjoying yoga… and trying to get a personal best time on his rowing machine in his garage.

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About Louise Bedford

Louise Bedford is a highly accomplished and experienced trader, educator, and author, with over 30 years of experience in the financial markets.

She is the co-founder of The Trading Game and is known for her unique approach to teaching trading psychology and market analysis.

Louise has authored several successful trading books, including Trading SecretsCharting Secrets, and The Secret of Candlestick Charting. She is also a regular contributor to Ausbiz, the Your Trading Edge magazine, and is the host of the Master Your Trading Mind Hub at IG Markets Australia.

She and her business partner, Chris Tate, and have been running their repeat-for-free Mentor Program for the past 23 years. They provide simple techniques that you can implement straight away, and valuable resources to enhance your trading so you can maximise your profit potential.

The Trading Game Mentor Program is a 6-month, repeat-for-free course, that has been running since the Year 2000.

If you’re curious about whether this is your next step, then you need to register for Priority Notification, so you can learn more, and get a heap of free trading resources.

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About Lukasz Krawczynski

Lukasz is a Geoscientist and lives in South Australia. He completed the Trading Game Mentor Program in 2020.

Lukasz is a valuable member of our trading community and has continually displayed what focus and skill can mean when it comes to achieving exceptional trading results.

To download all of the files Lukasz discusses in this episode, click here.


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