More Wealth Within

More Wealth Within

Be a trader – do trading – to have the things a trader enjoys.

Fed up with humdrum living? This episode looks at the commitment necessary and skills needed to rescue you from a mundane life. Dale Gilham from Talking Wealth shares his 30 years trading experience and the recipe for cracking the markets. It all comes down the education and practice – a great trader has practiced the markets like da Vinci. Louise Bedford also cracks her whip and tells us success is more about discipline than talent and is built on your good habits.


DaleDale Gilham – Wealth Within and Talking Wealth

Knowledge is the progressive realisation of your ignorance.’ Einstein.

The enemy of fear is knowledge and education and experience are the essential ingredients to become a professional trader. Dale Gilham educates many traders into financial freedom and he believes most traders fail because they don’t have enough understanding.

Absorb Dale’s 30 years of experience in the share market and hear how traders must practice trading in order to become a professional trader.

Dale Gilham from Wealth Within has been an industry expert for over 20 years. He established his podcast Talking Wealth for similar reasons as to why Talking Trading was developed – to empower people with knowledge from experienced traders. Dale’s diploma of share trading and investment has helped so many traders excel in the markets.


Mindpower with Louise Bedford

Stop Cheating.

We think we can cheat our dreams…just a little each day… no one will notice.

But it rusts our souls.

Achieving small feats of discipline put a sparkle back to your eye. Make sure you pursue the things that give you a buzz and put a spring back into your step.

Success is more about discipline than talents and success is built on the good habits you form.




Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

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