Want to be a Money Magnet?

Want to be a Money Magnet?
Businessman attracting money with a horseshoe magnet concept for business success, strategy or greed

In this week’s episode we have a variety of guests starting with NLP Life Coach Rik Schnabel. Rik gives his definition of true wealth and shares the mindset of the wealthy. Hear his tips on manifesting money and building your wealth muscle so you can recreate wealth again and again… and again. Louise Bedford discusses Alcatraz Inmate # 1259 William Baker and how traders can find inspiration from a hardened criminal’s life and the attitudes not to adopt. And finally the markets around the world are bullish as they play the Trump Card. Chris Tate walks us through them and how interest rates could be akin to boiling a frog.


chris_tate_expMarket Wrap

It’s all about the Trump Card!

Post the US election markets are bullish as indices around the world are hitting highs.

The Australian market continues to be stuck in a range with steady moves from gold and silver reversing last week. Will the meeting with the fed and an increase in interest rates be akin to how you boil a frog?


LB - Trading MentorLouise Bedford  – Mindpower

Ever feel trapped in your own mind?

Like you just can’t escape the prison?

Alcatraz in San Francisco was used for the hardest of criminals in the USA including Al Scarface Capone.

Louise Bedford recently visited the prison and spoke to one its former inmates #1259 William Baker.

Louise compares Baker’s mindset to a success mindset and what those who follow their dreams do differently.


rik headshotRik Schnabel NLP Coach and Life Coach

Want to become a money magnet?

In this interview Rik discusses how true wealth is not money but your ability to create it again and again and … again.

Rik discusses the mindset of the wealthy, the role of education and the energy of money and how you can invite its friends to play.

To see more of Rik go to www.lifebeyondlimits.com.au


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