Join the Winner’s Circle

Join the Winner’s Circle
cycle to reach success: try, fail, try again, success

Join The Winner’s Circle in this week’s episode of Talking Trading with Australian stock market and futures trader – Brent Penfold.  In this interview hear Brent’s 10 insights into trading accumulated through his 30 years of experience. And Louise Bedford tells traders to embed trading principles deep into your psyche so you develop unconscious competence.

LB - Trading MentorDevelop Unconscious Competence with Louise Bedford

Trading is a labor of love, habit and focus.

So many people want to get to the point where trading is natural, effortless and so damn easy.

You need bed down trading principles deep into your psyche and to develop unconscious competence.

Brent-PenfoldBrent Penfold – Insights into Trading The Market

The markets have fascinated Brent for over 30 years.

A full time futures trader from home he shares his top ten insights from decades of experience in the market. Here are some of things we discuss with Brent.

  • The more grandiose your ambitions the quicker your trading demise. Avoid Risk of Ruin and get your head around Money Management.

When we come to trading we are emotionally orientated to succeed in trading. But these expectations of being a winner sets you up for failure in the markets. Eventually risk catches up with you.

  •  Price is everything – don’t dilute its power.

Indicators are 2nd 3rd 4th derivative of price and they look backwards.   You can’t make money looking backwards.  Price isn’t perfect but at least it is HONEST.

  •  Keep Your Trading Plan simple.

If Ginger Megs can’t understand how you trade over the counter at McDonalds then you need to simplify your trading plan.

What works those ideas that work today, they worked 5 years ago, 10 years ago 20 ago. All those ideas are relatively simple – they have less moving parts.

Keep it simple to ensure it is robust.

  • The process of trading is “boring”.

Too much “interesting” will cost you. Trading is boring. That is where you should be.

  • The best loser is the long-term winner.

Profits look after themselves. The losses hurt you financially emotionally and spiritually. Become the best loser you can be and take your losses quickly.

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