Dark Pool Trading

Dark Pool Trading

Stock Whisperer Stephanie Kammerman on dark pool execution.

There are many ways to make money in the markets. Listen to this episode with Stephanie Kammerman on Dark Pool execution – an aspect of the markets you may never have considered. Hear how the big money moves their orders and how you can benefit. Plus hear Louise Bedford on the importance of scheduling.

LB - Trading MentorTHE POWER OF SCHEDULING – Louise Bedford

Your calendar shows what you value in life.

If you are not scheduling your priorities into your calendar you are limiting yourself and stopping yourself from moving into the next level.

Start with a huge dream, find something that you value, then break it down into tiny steps and put those into your calendar. Your calendar is your accountability buddy.

Without an effective calendar routine you will never live the life you deserve.

Stephanie KammermanStephanie Kammerman

Stephanie learned from the best traders on Wall Street.

Fresh out from college she sat in the million-dollar room and learnt Dark Pool execution on the glowing green Internet machine.

She became known as the Stock Whisperer.

In the trading room people thought she had a crystal ball and could see into the markets.  She wasn’t psychic … she was following the dark pools.

What are Dark Pools?

In the old days it was called the Upstairs Room.

Years ago the dark pools weren’t accessible but thanks to the Internet and the right software they are now visible.

40% of the total volume across the market is done in the dark pool.

Loopholes in the dark pools allow traders to see where the money is being moved by the big firms and to follow suit.

For example if Goldman Sachs has 20 million shares to sell they don’t have to show that order until it has been entirely filled. How else are you going to sell 100 million shares without moving the market down?

If Goldman Sachs does a trade from their London desk to the New York trading desk they do not have to report this trade for 24 hours.

Dark Pools traders can get in before the order is filled.

Stephanie has software where she can see these huge trades and she teaches people how to read the tape to follow these pools.  To find out more go: www.thestockwhisperer.com

Or https://twitter.com/VolumePrincess


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