Let the Trade Wins Flow

Let the Trade Wins Flow

Wow! Here is a box full of psychological tips to take control of your mindset, get beyond your inner saboteur and play your inner A game.

Are you sick and tired of feeling plagued by self doubt and controlled by your inner saboteur telling you that you can’t do things well enough, can’t make enough money, and that you will never have the life you desire?

Absorb the wisdom of Dr Harry Stanton

harry louise chrisTime to ditch it with this interview with Dr Harry Stanton Trading Psychologist and Peak Performance Coach.

This interview left me gobsmacked. It had me highlighting my notes, scribbling down ideas, and enacting strategies Dr Harry recommended.

Trading is a voyage of self- discovery. Once you have mastered the mechanics of trading the whole battle becomes internal not external.

Here is the secret.

The real enemy in life isn’t the markets or the outside it is within you.

The real enemy is your inner saboteur.

The real enemy is your fear, doubt and indecision and the way you undermine yourselves.

Here are some of the topics we discuss in Dr Harry’s toolbox of solutions.

  1. Reward yourself. Do some thing you need to do and then reward yourself by doing something you do want to do.
  2. Learn to replay the things you have done right in your mind.
  3. Replay events you may have done wrong and replay the way you want them to be. Like a mandala in your mind.
  4. Focus on the things you do well and which are going well. Create a positive diary of things.
  5. Get proportion around things. On a scale of one to ten what would it be?
  6. Nip rumination in the bud. There is Scientific proof that rumination leads to depression.
  7. Turn a bully into someone you laugh at and they lose their power.
  8. Mentally prepare for success before you get it. Visualise your performance     before the event.
  9. Praise yourself as opposed to criticising yourself.
  10. Worry lists. Write everything down that worries you and burn it.
  11. Writing goals down on paper.
  12. Power of association. If you want to fly with the eagles don’t hang out with the turkeys.
  13. Every day inch towards your dream.

To grab a copy of Dr Harry Stanton’s Let the Trade Wins Flow book, click here.


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