US Markets and ACE Childhoods

US Markets and ACE Childhoods

Come and explore which markets are moving in this week’s episode of Talking Trading. With Donald and Mickey in the White House, Chris Tate urges everyone to get over their personal revulsion of world leaders and still make money.

Louise Bedford asks you if you had a tough childhood and what unresolved pain still seeps into your adult life. Hear about the tools she offers to heal emotional wounds. Also hear how to keep your children from suffering their own trauma and develop resilience from resilience expert, Ben Reghetti, of the WELS School – ‘Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sustainability’.


chris_tate_expMarket Wrap

With Donald and Mickey (aka Mike Pence) in the White House the US markets are still strong. The long – mid – short term trends are all UP and more stocks trending above their long-term moving averages and making new 52 week highs.

Chris Tate warns you to separate your personal revulsion for Trump and still make money in the US trend.

Surprisingly European markets are also robust since the US election with new mid term highs occurring, including the index which Chris thinks has trended sideways since Moses played football for Mt Sinnai.

Precious metals are also performing.  Hear which ones and how best to make money from them.


Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Did you have a tough childhood?

Are you still suffering pain from your growing up years?

Carrying around old stories and hurts that replay every day in your brain affects the quality of your life now. Childhood trauma and unresolved childhood pain seeps into your adult life.

The past can spill into the present.

Are you serious about overcoming your childhood trauma and resetting those stories?

Louise Bedford suggests some valuable tools to get over the pain and deal with the effects in adulthood so you can be the best trader possible.


Ben RighettiBen Righetti – Wels School

Ben Righetti MBA  Grad.Dip.Ed  MSoc.Dev  BSc  COR is the founder and director of the ‘Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sustainability School’.

He is a children’s resilience expert, devoted to making sure our next generation develops a great mindset to build self-esteem and confidence.

To find out about The WELS School courses and holiday programs for kids to build resilience go to


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