Find Your Business Hutzpah

Find Your Business Hutzpah

Getting inside Chris Tate’s head could be empowering, reassuring and profitable. Hear some personal moments of his trading journey and what has pushed his buttons over the years. Louise Bedford says to get out of your own way to excel and Baby Boomer Life Coach Lorraine Pirihi gives some time managements tips to renew your business hutzpah.


LB - Trading MentorMindpower – Louise Bedford

Get out of your own way to excel.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel trading.

The meaning of skilled development is to listen and then implement. When you apply the methods of people who are making it in the markets the results will follow.

Follow in the footsteps of those who have been doing it for a lot longer than you and the profits will flow.


chris_tate_expChris Tate Quiz

We all know it….but it can be hard to remember.

Trading goes on between your ears… not at the exchange or on the computer.

Good traders play a powerful defense game.

Hear the history of when and why Chris really mastered the market, how long it took him to make money in the markets and what he thinks he has done well in his trading career.

Chris’ advice – stay in the game long enough to survive and put your hand up for help.


Lorraine-PirrihiLorraine Pirihi

Feeling burnt out and lost your mojo?

Running a small business or meeting the demands of a boss, maintaining a family and learning to trade is demanding and at times exhausting.

It is time to renew your business hutzpah.

Lorraine Pirihi runs coaching programs Relaunch Your Life to regain your spark, rediscover your purpose, make decisions and get into action.

Hear her time management tips and some of the key steps to moving forward in your life.

To get in touch with Lorraine go to


Or call her mobile: 0411 145 166

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