Useful Beliefs

Useful Beliefs

Kickstart the year with energy and enthusiasm in Talking Trading’s first episode for 2018. Motivational speaker Chris Helder discusses the power of adopting Useful Beliefs and Louise Bedford tells you to catch yourself if you fall.


Chris Helder

You are feeling down.

Despondent, discouraged, even angry.

The last thing you want someone to say is ‘just be positive’.

Sometimes it is hard to just think positively…it doesn’t always work.

Try something much more practical…adopt a USEFUL BELIEF.

Create beliefs which support and improve your reality.

For example you had the parents you were supposed to have, even if they weren’t perfect, especially if they were far less than perfect.

What did you learn from them? What did you decide without a shadow of a doubt that you would never replicate?

Truth in life is not nearly so important as PERCEPTION.

Here is another secret.

Your brains like to keep you safe. They like to keep you in a comfort zone.

But a comfort zone gets boring and leaves you unfulfilled. The wealthy, the happy, the brave have all moved beyond their comfort zone.

Here is another radical belief – identity determines your behaviour.

If you think you are the best trader in the world what behaviours would you do?

Tune into Chris’ energy and wisdom. To find out more about him go to:


Mindpower with Louise bedford

Catch Yourself If You Fall

Old Adage – Let me fall if I must fall, the one I become will catch me.”

You can grow into the person who can save the current you.

Being able to visualise your future that is what it takes to become an exceptional trader.


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