Understand Bitcoin and blockchain technology and how it fits into our world.

Bitcoin  – Michael New

At the end of last year Bitcoin mania hit the markets.

With a parabolic advance on its price action a single Bitcoin became worth nearly $20,000.

Whilst its price has now dropped, the buzz about cryptocurrencies and their place in the world remains.

Are we in a sea of change in the monetary markets or is this all hype and mania?

The toothpaste is out of the tube and the experts are divided.

In this episode of Talking Trading learn the basics of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Hear about its origins in the famous White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto and understand the peer-to-peer technology of blockchain and its distributed information. Find out whether it is safe, how it fits with other cryptocurrencies and whether blockchain technology is here to stay.

What is your trader’s code? – Louise Bedford

What are the rules that you live by so you will survive the markets and thrive?

What is the code that governs how you behave in times of stress in the markets?

Louise shares her trader’s code and what she believes about trading.

Think about your trader’s code.


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