Charting Bitcoin

Charting Bitcoin

Hear Peter Brandt’s views on cryptocurrencies – their potential and problems and why he calls himself a trading asset class agnostic.

Peter Brandt – Classical Chartist

Peter Brandt has been trading the market for over 40 years.

He calls himself a trading asset class agnostic.

If a market is tradable then he trades it. And he sees Bitcoin as just another market to trade.

So is Bitcoin a phenomenon or a down trending market?

For millennials it is neither, it is bordering on a religion. Bitcoin could be the early stages of a revolution in commerce or, as we hear in this interview, Bitcoin could also just be a pile of dead fish.

There a lot of structural problems with cryptocurrencies and their introduction to the world of commerce. In this interview with Peter, we discuss the issues around transactional value, hacking and volatility as well as the potential of the distributed ledger technology.

Your ‘why’ will drive you – Louise Bedford

You don’t need to suffer from lonely trader syndrome.

Hear who was Louise’s support when she was learning to master options and her big why?

Have you clearly defined your ‘why’ for trading?

Make sure it is crystal clear.


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