Triumph Over Trauma

Triumph Over Trauma

Simone Dawson powered by equal parts psychology, business success and lived experience, turns trauma on its head to thrive.

Louise Bedford

Are you doing what you love?

If not what are going to do about it to scaffold into a better life?




Simone Dawson

Turn trauma on its head and thrive.

Triumph over tragedy is possible and in fact, many successful people live through the trauma and learnt to flourish.

As Victoria emerges from the bad dream of lock-down Simone looks at what trauma is (10.45 mins), its signs and symptoms (13.15 mins,) and how to turn trauma on its head so you can not only survive but triumph.

Her key message is that trauma does not have to end you, it can be your opportunity.

To reach out to Simone and inquire about her Triumph over Trauma package for Talking Trading listeners go to
Or call her mobile 0422 006 932


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